Guidelines for authors

Guidelines to upload video-poster files to the designated Google Drive folder:

  1. Video-Poster Format:
    – Each video-poster should not exceed 5 minutes in duration.
    – You are welcome to utilize up to 3 slides within your presentation.
    – Your video-poster should begin with a brief introduction of yourself, and clearly state the title of your presentation before delving into the main content (e.g.: Hello, I’m Tizius Caius, and I will talk about “Mindful Approaches To Stress”) 

  2. Technical Specifications:
    – Video-poster files should be submitted in a widely compatible video format, such as MP4.
    – Ensure that the audio quality is clear and the visuals are of high resolution.

  3. Uploading Process:
    – Access the designated Google Drive folder:
    – Please ensure that your upload is completed by the designated deadline of September 12, 2023.

  4. File Naming:
    – To facilitate organization, kindly name your video-poster file using the following format:
    “LastNameFirstName_PresentationTitle” (e.g., “CaiusTizius_MindfulApproachesToStress”).

We appreciate your commitment to contributing to the EFPA Congress and ensuring the success of our virtual event. Should you encounter any technical difficulties or have inquiries regarding the upload process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our technical support team at