The main goal of the Board of Assessment of the EFPA is organizing and promoting actions aimed at
improving tests and testing in Europe. “New Horizons in Psychological Assessment” will represent a
“Platform” focus on the recent issues about tests, testing, and other assessment constructs and
instruments. The EFPA Board of Assessment will welcome different kinds of contributions:
presentation of new psychological tests and psychometric constructs, revisions of “classical testing”,
online assessment and testing, and adaption of norms in different populations. The conference will
include symposiums, regular talks, and poster sessions.
Each participant may be present as Author in a maximum of 2 contributions.
If you would like to be a proponent of a Symposium, you will be the referent of it: you should upload
the title of the symposium; proponent’s name, surname, email, and affiliation; abstract of the
symposium (max 200 words) and keywords (3-5); then you should upload from 3 to 4 contributions
will participate in the symposium, reporting for each one the authors’ list and their affiliations, and an
abstract (max 200 words). Each accepted symposium will be delivered in a 90 minutes slot.
If you would like to be a proponent of regular talk, you should upload the title of the talk; authors’ list
name, surname, emails, and affiliations; abstract of the talk (max 200 words) and keywords (3-5).
Remember: the local scientific committee will organize regular talks in thematic talk sessions. Each
accepted regular talk will be delivered in a 15-minute speech.
If the local committee receives a large number of contributions, some of them could be re-organized
into thematic posters-sessions; in this case, authors will be contacted soon and asked to record their
poster presentation in a 5-minute-talk, which will be uploaded and presented during the poster
DEADLINE: Upload your contribution by July 7th, 2023.


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